Ventriloquist Douglas Twitchell
Providing entertainment, teaching, and music
at churches, libraries, parties, and nursing homes.
Performances in New England and around the world.
Providing entertainment, teaching, and music in New England and around the world.
Puppet Puzzle
Puppet Quiz
Bible Quiz
Flying Puppets
Musical Memory

Puppet Games at

Enjoy playing several silly games with Jeorge and the rest of the gang. We have a puppet quiz, which you won't do very well on, unless you are already familiar with Doug and his friends, and have seen them perform! There's a two-player Tic Tac Toe game in which images of Doug's puppets are used instead of the traditional X and O markers.

Want to try out you Bible knowledge? Give our Bible Trivia Quiz a shot. Or maybe you want to play a game that's a bit more dependent on speed and accuracy with the mouse? Try our Flying Puppets game and click the puppets as they go flying by.

Our sliding tile puppet puzzle requires you to unscramble the squares in order to reveal a picture of one of the puppets. And finally, our Musical Memory game tests both your memory and your musical knowledge as you match words with their corresponding pictures.