Pulpit supply, concerts, and ventriloquism
Ventriloquist Douglas Twitchell
Providing entertainment, teaching, and music
at churches, libraries, parties, and nursing homes.
Performances in New England and around the world.
Providing entertainment, teaching, and music in New England and around the world.


"Beloved, I urge you as aliens and strangers..."

Yes, that's right; this year Doug & friends will be sharing in churches about what it means to live as aliens in this world.

Jeorge even has his very own "Alien Song!"

This is a two-part presentation. The first part is designed to minister to your entire Sunday School, from the young children to the oldest saints, with lots of scripture-based puppetry and fun.

The second part is designed to fill the sermon slot of a church service, and will contain some puppetry, but will then move into a more serious message time.

This is a great opportunity for your church to give your Sunday School teachers and your pastor a break for a Sunday!


Doug and Laura have also prepared a concert that celebrates the eternal home awaiting us, and challenges us to live in hope and anticipation here on earth!

Looking for Something Else?

Although these two presentations listed above are the primary focus of our tour during 2013-2014, this is not all we are doing. We also do camps, retreats, and special events where these presentations don't fit the format/theme of your event, so contact us to talk about your specific event.


My general policy for churches that ask me to preach is to ask for my mileage to be paid, and beyond that, whatever honorarium the church feels is appropriate.


Some of Doug's Bible illustrations and object lessons can be found at Biblical Illuminations.


If you enjoyed the games on this site, you'll love our games at The Problem Site and Quote Puzzler!


If you are interested in booking Doug and Friends to your church or event, please visit our contact page.